Thank you for visiting this website, this is the OLD website for Charl Smith Corporate photography.  We have moved to a NEW website with a new corporate identity.  Corporate photography & video will be done under MAGMA MEDIA in the future.    Click HERE to visit Magma Media.

I have covered almost 300 wedding as the main photographer in the last 8 years.  I love photographing weddings because you work with clients on their most special day.  Even though emotions and stress can be a huge factor on the day, I love being there helping, supporting and sometimes even organizing wedding stuff where necessary :)

About my photography style, philosophy and approach:  

Couples normally choose me as their wedding photographer because they love the way I manage to incorporate intimate, romantic poses with the natural beauty of the landscape.

I believe that couples choose a venue because they love the place; love the landscape, the mountain, vineyards, trees, mountains and architecture.  This is why I try to capture you in that environment and try to show the beauty in your heart and the location.  I try to mix this up with some intimate close-up photos to show the love, electricity and passion between two people in love.

Within this approach I try to stay true to who the couple is, to their personalities and even their suggestions.  I love it when my couples have FUN during the shoot and I try to capture those fun and spontaneous moments.  At the end of everything - I love to see the reactions on my clients’ faces when they page through their albums and relive all the special moments of their wedding day.

This is only a VERY small selection of my wedding images.  If you would like to view some of my RECENT weddings, please go to


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